Despite their lowly reputation, political signs are an essential tool that campaigns both big and small use to help raise their candidate's name identification and get their message out in front of the voters repeatedly. In order to be successful, your campaign should take time in designing and printing your political signs and in planning out your political sign strategy. Contact us for more information on designing your political yard signs.

Goals and Planning

As mentioned above, the goal of your yard sign strategy is simple. Your signs should be used to raise your candidate's name recognition - by having the voters see your candidate's name over and over again, they will come to recognize him or her as a candidate. Similarly, by seeing your signs in many different places, the voters will get the impression that your campaign is receiving widespread support across the district.

Most campaigns don't plan out a strategy for political yard signs. Instead, they simply send out volunteers to place the signs wherever they can. This is a mistake. The key to ensuring that your signs succeed is planning out a detailed yard sign strategy - where should your signs go and when.


Promote your church, school or business with yard signs.

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